1. BitRaffle

    Most Unique Bitcoin Raffle.

    BitRaffle is a unique Bitcoin Gambling Project which requires no login, no signup and allows our users to play raffle anonymously. Learn more on our Features section.

  2. Features

    What Do We Provide?

    - Responsive Web Design with smooth browsing experience.
    - Anonymous Gambling, No need to register or login.
    - A Unique Gameplay, A Bitcoin Raffle with a chance to win upto 10x!
    - The most unique way to declare a winner, Making it 100% Luck Game.
    - Only 1% House Edge.

  3. How To Play

    No Worries, It's Simple!

    First of all, What is a raffle? A Raffle is a means of raising money by selling numbered tickets, one or some of which are subsequently drawn at random, the holder of winning ticket number wins a prize.

    In BitRaffle, Every user will be buying a token worth 0.0025 BTC and one lucky winner will get the whole amount in Bitcoins as a prize. So, If 50 users bought a token, total prize goes to 0.125 BTC and one lucky winner gets the whole prize.

    How will we decide a winner?
    Once 50 Tokens are bought, we will stop selling tokens. Every user will be given a unique number (n) which will depend on the number of the entry like if you bought the first token, your Ticket Number will be 1. Similarly, 50 Numbers will be given and a random number will be generated and that number will be the winner of the round.

    What if no one wins?
    Not possible, we will roll a number between the token numbers which are sold. So every round there will be one lucky guy for sure.

  4. Play Now

    Let The Game Begin!

    Now you know how to play this game, lets begin!


  5. Statistics

    How's it going with everyone.

    Total Bets: 20

    Amount Wagered: 110.150 BTC

    Bitcoins Won: 73 BTC

    Recent Winners

    RoundID Amount Won Token Number Date
    1 0.15 BTC 23 12-06-2017
    1 0.15 BTC 23 12-06-2017
    1 0.15 BTC 23 12-06-2017
    1 0.15 BTC 23 12-06-2017
    1 0.15 BTC 23 12-06-2017
    1 0.15 BTC 23 12-06-2017
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